The Best Pillow for My Sleeping Position

All pillows are not the same. In other words, there are specific pillows for specific people, and sleeping positions. It is absolutely essential that you choose the best pillow, because your sleep may be interrupted otherwise. Psychologist James Maas, Ph.D. says 75% of people in the US are suffering from sleep disorders now. James is the author of “Power Sleep”, which has been published by Harper.

Many factors can keep you awake at night, and a wrong pillow is one of the major ones. According to the findings of a study, 60% women report that physical discomfort affects the quality of their sleep three times at least in a week. This extensive study was conducted by the National Sleep Foundation. Poor sleep won’t just give you blurry-eyes in the morning, there can be many other serious health consequences as well, such as increased risk of heart attack, stroke and hypertension to just name a few.

So how do you choose a pillow for your sleeping position? Here are a few pointers to help you make the correct decision.

  • If you sleep on your back, then choose a pillow that supports your body’s lordosis of your cervical spine, or the natural curvature. There should be adequate support below your shoulders, neck and head. Make sure that the height of your pillow is always lower than a side sleeping pillow.

If you have back strain, then place a second pillow beneath your knees. This will flatten your lumber curve and ease some pressure on your facet joints that are at the back side of your spinal column.

  • If you sleep on your side (which should always be the preferred position because it is the healthiest, as proved by many scientific studies), make sure that there is adequate support for your neck and head. Your spine needs to be in a natural and straight horizontal line. You will need a thicker pillow if you sleep on your side.

Go for a side sleeping pillow, because this gives you back and neck the support they need.

  • Your spine will be in its natural position if you keep your knees bent and place a second pillow between them. In the absence of support between your legs, your upper leg might rotate downward, and this will pull your pelvis and distort your spine’s natural line. You can prevent this from happening if you keep a pillow between your knees. But make sure that it is firm.
  • But what if you are a combination sleeper, which means that you keep changing the position during sleep? Most of us are like that. Before you decide this, try to find out whether you are primarily a back sleeper or side sleeper. Though we change positions, but there will still be one dominating position.

Always select a pillow that is higher, if you are mostly a side sleeper, and choose one that is lower if you sleep mainly on the back. You may also select a pillow that has different fillers mixed in it, like the buckwheat hull pillow. One all-purpose pillow may not be the best thing for you. It’s likely to be too low or too high.

5 Things No-One Told You About Buying Scuba Gears From China

“Made in China” products have flooded the market. You will find them everywhere… electric razors, jackets, toys, bags, beds, shoes, cameras, golf clubs, coffee machines, good dive watches… there are all kinds of products that are made in China, and you will find them both at the flea market and the swankiest retail outlets. So it’s no wonder that many of the modern-day scuba gears you will come across are also manufactured in this Asian country. This review on best scuba masks has a well detailed guide to help you choose some of the best scuba gears available to buy in 2016.

But the fact is that, quite often, many Chinese goods fail in quality. In fact, the most common complaint about them is that, Chinese products are inferior in quality to their western counterparts and they don’t work for as much time as well. In other words, they have lower shelf-life. So, consider this when you are buying your scuba gear. It would be good to save money, yes, but not at the cost of risking it.

5 Things No One Told You about Buying Scuba Gears from China

  1. Some Chinese goods are just clones of popular gears you will find in the west. There are some companies that will make in China and sell cheap B-quality goods, but without logo. So, there cannot be any guarantees and warranties when you buy them. The quality testing mechanisms in China might not also be as stringent as they are in the western world.
  2. Yes, it is a fact that some of them are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for a few popular brands in the west. However having said this, many of these manufacturers have now started to make and brand goods under their own names. They will often keep the price lower than the popular brand version to boost their sales, but the problem is, the quality is inferior too. So if you have to buy cheap goods, make sure that it’s from a popular brand, even though it was made in China.
  3. Many western brands that make in China have been victims of quality fade. For instance, Vince Bourke of Pocket Buoy has pulled his manufacturing from China after repeated problems with cracks in fittings. Quality fade is not an honest mistakes made by a suppler. It is the strategic practice of a manufacturer that deliberately and secretly lowers the quality of materials to maximize the profit margin. While it can be annoying if the coating peels off a dive knife, when it comes to a part like your OPV spring, it can be deadly for a diver. Some goods are even returned to dealers with complaints such as a broken spring in the Over Pressurization Valve (OPV). After inspection, often it is found that the springs in the OPV exhibit an unacceptable amount of corrosion. Diver safety can be compromised as a result.
  4. If you want to buy really cheap Chinese goods at wholesale prices, then the best place for this is the Alibaba website. However you should know that most dealers you will find at Alibaba are keen only about wholesale orders. So you will probably have to order in bulk.
  5. The scuba diving market is growing in China very fast. The Chinese dive market is calculated to be approximately US$12.5 million in size. The largest dive resort in the world is located in Hainan Island. 28,007 PADI certifications were issued in 2013, which is a 300% growth from 2011. About 3% of PADI’s global certifications were in China. We can only hope however that the quality of their scuba gear improves with time.

Booked A Couple’s Retreat With The Mrs

Sometimes it is nice to leave the kids at home and have a couples only getaway. There are some resorts that are dedicated to nothing but couples so they can have fun and relax . There are no children to ruin the mood. There are many great things about visiting a couples only resort.


Many of these resorts are all inclusive. That means a couple pays one price for their room, meals, and in some cases drinks. This way they do not have to worry about carrying money with them and can eat and drink as much as they want. They also have access to find dining restaurants for some intimate time together. There is often in room dining if the couple does not want to leave their room and enjoy each other.
There are many things to do to keep the couples entertained while they are at these resorts. There is nightly entertainment including live bands, plays, and shows featuring the local culture. For couples that are staying at a beach resort there are a number activities to stay busy and have fun.  There are scuba diving tours hosted by certified divers. There are a number of water sports including snorkeling and parasailing to try. For many this is a once in a lifetime experience. There is a golf course where they can test their skills in a friendly competition and there are a number of tennis courts.
The resorts also offer tours of the local attractions and sites. The couple can join a group and get a chance to take in the local culture and the sites. They may even make some friends while they are on the tours. They can interact with others that are also looking to enjoy their getaway.
When it is time to get away a resort exclusively for couples in the answer. There are many attractions and activities. The couple can also choose to put up the do not disturb sign and enjoy some time to themselves. A couples only resort will allow the couple to reconnect with each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Why I Love Ice Diving

Who in their right mind would think of braving the freezing temperatures and dive under the ice into bone chilling water? It’s almost like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Crazy! I would! I have had the good fortune of doing ice diving, and I absolutely love it. Would like to do it again and again!
Sadly, most divers haven’t tried ice diving. Trying new things and having new adventures is the reason we became divers in the first place.  So let’s try this.

Basic Requirements of Ice Diving

Make no mistake about it. Ice diving can be dangerous. To do it safely, you will need special certification from your certifying agency (PADI, NAUI, or SSI). If your certifying agency does not have a specific specialty course, most dive agencies can cross certify you as long as your training level meets their minimum requirements. I did it with PADI. With them, you must have at least an Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

With PADI, you are required to make three 20 minute dives and act as the tender, an above ground human anchor for other tethered diving pairs. You must also attend workshop lectures and do some bookwork. I found the lectures particularly useful. In the ice diving course, you get to use specific dive gear for the ice.

What You Need For Ice Diving

Drysuit – I have used a drysuit and I recommend this highly. But remember, you need some additional training before you can use the drysuit. You have to be comfortable in the drysuit too. Also, I found that it’s very important to choose correct undergarment that is right for the water temperature. You have to be comfortable to be a happy diver!


You need a dive tender to monitor a buddy dive team. So a rope is a must. I have found a tether between divers in the buddy team, and a 100’ ft. rope attached to the buddy dive team most useful. Plus, you need a 200’ ft. brightly colored rope for rescue on standby if in case one or both the divers get detached from the tender rope.

Regulator First and Second Stages
I have found many regulator assemblies inadequate for cold water diving as they freeze up quickly and stop working. The last thing you need below the water is an out of air emergency. You may not be able to ascend quickly. So be careful. However, there are some dive equipment manufacturers that have regulators for cold water.

Ice Diving Locations

Sure, you can go to Alaska, Canada, the Arctic or Antarctica to do some ice diving in beautiful locations, but there are many beautiful locations in the United States as well during the winter, such as the Great Lakes and its wrecks.

The White Sea in Russia is another option. It’s the only sea in Europe which is covered by ice in the winter. The White Sea boasts virgin nature, rich, original fauna, and it is among the best places to enjoy marine ice diving. You can expect fantastic visibility, soft corals, and a wide variety of fish species.